Tribeca, NYC

Luxury high rises and open space lofts are just some of the design spaces you can expect in Tribeca.

Welcome to Tribeca, NYC

Experience the vibrant creative scene of Tribeca, NY.
Located in lower Manhattan, the Tribeca, New York community has a unique history that has seen quite a bit of evolution over the years. From its industrial influence to its developing business district, Tribeca is steeped in history that is undeniably rich. Today, the community's influential past has helped shape it into one of the most exciting communities in New York.
The homes in Tribeca offer a bit more space and lot sizes than other industrial neighborhoods throughout New York City. Residents can look forward to homes with a bit of outdoor space and lovely swatches of greenery. There's also a nice mix of residential areas allowing new home buyers to shop for a space that matches their personality and needs. Luxury high rises and open space lofts are just some of the design spaces you can expect in Tribeca.

What to Love

  • Vibrant art district
  • Eclectic shopping scene
  • Friendly community 

Local Lifestyle

Conveniently located near New York's Financial District, Tribeca is a relatively low-key and quiet place to live. This muted atmosphere makes it an excellent neighborhood for families looking to set down roots and raise children. Life here is a bit slower, intimate, and less populated than in the rest of the city. 

Even with this slower pace of life, residents here can still look forward to all the amenities the big city offers. Great shopping districts, many eclectic restaurants, and a rich arts and culture scene have helped propel Tribeca into one of the most sought-after communities in New York City.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

There are many restaurants to enjoy throughout Tribeca. What's great about this community is that many restaurant owners, especially Mom and Pop's venues, we'll keep their business open long into the night. It’s not uncommon to see restaurants open late on warm summer nights. This nightlife atmosphere is very much welcomed. 
Some excellent restaurants to pop into include The Greek, Locanda Verde, China Blue, the iconic sushi speakeasy, Sushi Azabu, and Bubby’s. The popular restaurant Tribeca Grill co-owned by Robert De Niro, is another famous destination locals and outsiders enjoy. 
These vibrant restaurants' success is mainly due to their rich cultural infusions. With a range of international dishes, there are plenty of great flavors residents of Tribeca can enjoy.  
There are several shopping and entertainment venues to enjoy as well. As you stroll through the neighborhoods, you'll find some shops and boutiques catering to your retail needs. For more traditional shopping, heading to Brookfield Place in the center of Manhattan allows you to shop for the nation's leading brands.

Things to Do

In true New York City fashion, there are many things to do throughout Tribeca. One of the most popular events hosted here is the Tribeca Film Festival. The festival was born out of the destruction of September 11, 2011. The festival is aimed at reinvigorating and inspiring the community to follow what was the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil. The festival celebrates the culture and the art scene of the community and New Yorkers as a whole. Every year, visitors can look forward to over 600 films, activities for visitors of all ages, and a host of talks, games, and other immersive experiences. 
Because of the rich history, there are several iconic landmarks to explore. One such Landmark is the Ghostbusters fire station, Ladder 8. This landmark was featured in the iconic movie Ghostbusters and is a neat place to stop if you're looking for a fun snapshot to add to your photo reel. 
Another neat bucket list idea is visiting the state’s smallest Museum, Mmseumm. This Museum was once a freight elevator and now features awesome relics from all over the world. While you can view the museum through its glass window anytime, day or night, the museum is only open on weekends. It's certainly a neat place to experience on a lazy weekend when you have the time. 
Visiting New York's Mysterious Bookshop on 58th Warren Street is another fun adventure. The New York Art Center, exploring Pier 25, and taking in the views of the Jenga skyscraper “56 Leonard” are some other fun activities that will give you insight into the charm and vibe of the community. 
Tribeca is served by New York City Geographic District No. 3. The district includes a number of notable schools, including the following: 
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